Staring at Poker

Kid donk bets me. this time a couple people actually fold, 2 people call, and I say “Raise” and stack 8 whites in the pot. Now, the kid double takes. He looks at me, and takes off his glass to “stare into my soul” I turn away and start chatting to the lady next to me for some casual chit chat. I turn back like 20 seconds later when I didn’t hear any further action and he’s still “staring me down”. At this point I say to him, “Look, you don’t really need to stare into my soul for a 4 dollar raise in a pot this size kid.” He continues to mumble to himself and stare me down looking for a “tell”. We are now going on a minute and now even the people at the table are getting on his case. He looks at me one more time and I finally get a reaction from him. I blew him a kiss.

About a round goes by and I pretty much fold my complete garbage limp along a couple times and whiff flops and toss my no pair no draw hands when the following hand comes up.

Flop: 8s 6h 4h (top pair nut flush draw in position can it get better?)
Yep it sure can. Kid leads into the field, everyone calls, I raise for value, Kid calls (and gives a groan) aaaaaaannnnnnnd surprise surprise, everyone calls.

Well that did it, he three bets. :

Only 1 caller back to me and I cap. He calls, other player calls.

River bricks and he checks, other player checks, I bet, kid check raises me, other player folds, I three bet, he grumbles and calls.

“Just the nuts”. He throws his hand at the dealer and mucks and the dealer pushes me the pot. He mumbles something off hand and then comes out with “I’m not afraid of Mr 20-40 you lucky fish.”

“Wow, that was such an original comment, you mind if I use that one sometime?” He gets quiet and we play on. He’s down to around 40 bucks though and he’s tilting major. Then the death blow falls.

I pickup 99 and raise 2 limper’s, and the kid three bets. lots of folds this time as they see round 2 brewing only 1 limper calls, and I just call.

Flop comes Ah 9h 2s
Limper checks, I bet, kid raises, limper folds and now we are HU. I three bet, he four bets, I call with the intention of donk betting the turn and three betting.