Bets and Aces

You don’t need to take a test to play higher limits, you just need to bring cash. I win a couple pots, I get a beat or two laid on me and just get ready for the next hand and he’s like whispering in my ear “Why did he call with that crap on the flop? This is 20-40 for Christ’s sake!”

Turn 3h ….
and the kid looks away immediately from the board immediately and looks at his chips. I give him a quick look and bet into him, he thinks, he raises. I’m 99% sure he has the flush from the way he’s reacting and they way he was forcefully betting the flop (he liked to pump draws) so I decide I’m only gonna get 4 bet if he has the flush and I have 10 outs to crack him. Sooooo, I call.

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I check, he bets, I check raise. He takes off his hat AND glasses this time and stares me down. He asks “You have Aces full?”

“I swear on my mother I don’t have Aces full.”
He three bets, I four bet.

“I thought you said you didn’t have aces full?”

“That’s correct, I don’t. I have a flush.”

He five bets, I 6 bet and he has only a couple bets left and he 7 bets, and I put him all in.

He flops over KQh and raises his arms in the air, I immediately flip over the 99 for the 9’s full and snatch the pot right out from under him.

He looks at me, hangs his head low and walks away without a sound. I silently stack the chips and within 10 minutes get called for my 20-40 seat.

I sit 20-40 and don’t think much about him and completely forget the 2-4 table when the “kid” walks up to me about 1.5 hours later and I’m up a few hundred and He says “Okay maybe I am afraid of Mr 20-40 now.” He wasn’t being a smart ass he was legitimately feeling completely owned.

I turn to him and the waitress was there I say what do you want to drink? He orders a beer and I order a corona and we have some chit chat. I offer to let him sit behind me and sweat my hands and watch how I play and talk to him about the finer points of what not to do to players at the table.