A Low Limit Player

This is a true story from my live play experiences and though I probably was a baddie as well, at least I was funny.

I stroll into the Borgata poker room see a few people I know, say hello and roll up to the check in.

“Bunky for the 20-40 Hold’em”

The girl informs me that there is a list thats 8 deep. Ok, fine. I see the shift manager Sal and say hello and ask if there are any open seats at any limits while I wait. Sal points out a couple open seats on the 2-4 tables. I ask him to lock one up while I go to the cage to get chips.

I buy my 2 racks of red ($1000) for the 20-40 and I buy 60 white just to donk around at the 2-4. I go back to the table and sit down and then entire table looks at the 2 stacks of red and their jaws drop.

The older man across the table says “Got an awful lot of chips there son, you sure you have enough” he said with a wink.

“Hell, ladies and gentlemen, they way I play I may need to reload!” I winked back and sat down. I explained calmly that I was indeed waiting for a seat to the 20-40 and just wanted to sit down and have fun. They all nodded and agreed except for the “kid” in the 10 seat with a ball cap and sunglasses who let out a little “hmmph”. This same kid is the typical table coach 2-4 “pro” that seems to be a recurring nightmare at the tables. He berates players with the “How can you call on the flop with that?” crap. I paid him little mind and sat back for some nice donktastic low limit shenanigans.

Its a very loose passive table averaging 7-8 to the flop no raise and 5-6 with a raise. I’m in the CO and I have Ah 8h and there are 4 limper’s to me. I raise. Button folds (which was my intention) kid in the SB semi cold calls, BB calls, 4 people splash chips in the pot from the next table, 3 more calls, and western union drops in some money from a wire transfer, and rest call back to me. In other words, theres a shitload of white chips in the pot and its destined to get bigger.