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Best Ping Pong Table Reviews 2017

Best Ping Pong Table Reviews 2017

Best Ping Pong Table Reviews

Ping Pong is one of the most favorite and most played game by almost everyone when they were growing up. People keep Ping Pong tables in their homes or even outdoors to have fun playing Ping Pong in their leisure time. This has to be the interesting and engaging game for everyone. From teenagers to older adults, everyone likes the game due to its convenience that you can play it anywhere indoors or outdoors. If you are a fan of Ping Pong, you are definitely going to buy a table to play it whenever you want. There is a diverse variety of ping pong tables available in the market. However, it becomes difficult to choose among  the best ping pong tables with such a wide range of ping pong tables.

There are certain things which should be kept in mind while buying a ping pong table. The important factors include the size of the table which is dependent on the space you have available for the ping pong table. You can have bigger as well as the smaller size of the table, and almost every range is available in the market. The other important thing is table thickness; you have to have a recommended 1-inch thick table. The reason of recommended 1-inch thickness is because it will give you a nice bounce so you can enjoy your game fully. The least recommendation for ping pong table thickness is .75 inches which will give you as closer to 1 inch thickness.

You must look at the net of the table before buying because good quality tables have felt attached to the net (where it is attached to the table). The felt saves the table from getting scratched and keeps the surface of the table cleans. Try to find the table with felt if you have not considered this feature and bought the table you can take it from the market. Before buying your table, look at the legs of the table. If the legs are level then it is fine if not get the table with leg levelers. The reason is that most of the time one of the players take advantage of table being a little slanted because of the absent of leveled legs.

Make sure that your table has a smooth surface for the perfect game play because you might ruin your game play by using a warped playing surface. You can sit down to look at the table surface closely in order to get the best view, or you can also use a leveler to check the surface. You should also consider if you are buying the table for indoor or outdoor play because there are different ping pong tables available for different game play.

Chapter 1. Best Ping Pong Table | Top Table Tennis Table Reviews

It becomes difficult to keep all of this in mind before buying a ping pong table. That’s why we have made a list of best tables available in the market for you. One by one review of the best ten tables for ping pong is given below. Just have a look at every single one of them, and then you can decide for yourself.

  1. Indoor 15mm 5/8 Inch Ping-Pong or Table Tennis Table with Net Set by Joola

This amazing Indoor ping pong table offers following benefits:

You are going to have an incredible quality of game play just like in the ping pong tournaments using this table. It is a USATT approved table because it has been made by the brands who design table for US Open and US National Championships. It is the perfect fit for your home or even office. It offers leveled play and has 5/8 inches thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF). You can also play solo using its playback mode. The playback mode can be achieved by unfolding the one-half and keeping the vertical half up. You do not have to worry about assembling the table because it can be assembled within 10 minutes with minimum of accessories, you will need only 8 bolts to attach the legs and then attach the tournament grade net which can be easily attached due to its clamp design.

  1. Advantage Ping-Pong or Table Tennis Table by Stiga

This Ping pong table by Stiga is the offers following features:

It is the best table to use in both home and office as it is competition-ready indoor table tennis table. You can assemble the table within 10 minutes because it came out of the 95% pre assembled you just have to do a quick set up. It has smooth and the best playability with 5/8” thick surface. The table’s surface also has multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen stripping. It has feasible and convenient storage because of Eight 3” black casters which can be locked. The table can be stored in a very compact way, and you can store it even in a small place. You can easily attach and remove the net because of its tournament grade 72” clamp-style net. Just squeeze the clamp and remove it easily. It also has adjustable leg levelers if your floor is not leveled.

  1. Dominator Table Tennis Table or Ping-Pong by EastPoint Sports

If you have been waiting for a dream Table Tennis table to come for you to purchase, you do not have to wait anymore because we have got the best Ping Pong table for you. The Dominator by EastPoint Sports offers the best of features which are given below.

The table can be used by more than one player, 1 to 4 players can use this table at a time. It is a foldable 2 pieces table. It is easy to assemble and also easy to put into storage because of its assembly design. You do not have to worry about the storage place because it is compact and can be stored easily. It also has wheels which can be locked so you can move it to anywhere you want without any extra effort. The whole set of Dominator table includes a table tennis table, one net and paddle storage.

  1. Midsize Ping-Pong or Table Tennis Table with net set by Joola

Joola has always presented the best of everything so here is another addition to its best set. This is a mid-sized ping pong table which can be used to play Ping pong in both home and office.

It is a multiple use table, and every half of the mid-sized table can be used to separately if not in used. You can also use the two halves of the table separately when you are not playing ping pong. You only require 36 x 36 inches of space to store the ping pong table. It is compact and can even be stored under your bed. It gives you the feel like you are playing on a regulation-sized quality table. It also comes with the Net Set included in the package. The net set is custom sized made by Joola and can be easily attached and removed. It does not require assembly and comes 100% pre-assembled.

  1. Outdoor XTR  Ping-Pong or Table tennis table by Stiga

Play your favorite game of table tennis outdoor to avoid the hassle of shifting your furniture in order to fit the Ping Pong or Table Tennis table in your home. This XTR table tennis table is designed by Stiga especially for table tennis lovers to play outdoors. It is the best ping pong table for your patio or garage. It is particularly designed for outdoor players and can bear with the weather. The top surface of the table is covered with aluminum composite which not only offers you the durability but also perfect game play. The smooth surface gives a nice bounce and the best playability. It is feasible and can easily be assembled within 10 minutes because the design is delivered to you 95% preassembled. You can also store this highly compact ping pong table in even smaller space. Its assembly and folding is extremely easy and need minimum effort.

  1. Balance From18mm Indoor Gopingpong Table Tennis or Ping-Pong Table with Net Set

Do you want to play it whenever you want without having to leave your house? Then what are you waiting for?  Just go ahead and purchase this perfect table tennis table.

You can use this table in anywhere like your office, home or community center. This table is best for multiplayer game and even solo game play. The table is delivered in two separate halves, and you can use each of these separately if you are not playing on both. You can also use one of the halves vertically to play in solo playback mode. It provides the best compact storage, and you can store it in smaller storage space. It is an indoor playing table with a weatherproof net. It has the best top surface of 7/10 inches to give you a perfect ball bounce. You can easily assemble the table within 15-20 minutes. It also gives 2 years BalanceFromWarranty.

  1. Space Saver Ping-Pong or table tennis table by Stiga

It is the best ping pong table for small apartments of small office spaces. Its measurements are only 71 inches length x 40.5 inches width x 30 inches. It is convenient to place in a small apartment as well conveniently folded when not in use. It is an ultra compact that you can simply fold it and place it under your bed. It does not require any assembly to save you the effort. You can just unpack the box in which it is delivered, unfold the both halves and start having fun by playing table tennis. It gives regulation standard height and also includes net and the post set. It comes with adjustable leg levelers to give you the leveled play even if your floor is a little slanted. It has Stiga’s signature powdered coating that will resist the wear and tear of the table, and your table will look always look new.

  1. Indoor Ping-Pong or Table Tennis Table by Harvil

If you are sick and tired of changing your ping pong table because they wear out, then you must try this one because it is the most solid and reliable table tennis table. It has sturdy table top which is based on a steel frame which is powder-coated. It has 108 inches length x 60 inches width x 30 inches height.  The table weighs of 147.67 pounds.  The table is easily foldable to play in solo playback mode if you do not have anyone to play with. The table is designed by Harvil which is a reliable company, and the product is a creative and durable piece to provide you with best game play. The storage space needed for Ping pong table requires 61.5 inches in length, 23.6 inches in width and 63.5 inches of height. The table comes with locking wheel which allows you to roll the table anywhere you want and save your effort.

  1. Rally TL 300 Ping-Pong or Table Tennis Table by Joola

The ping pong table comes in measurements of 108 inches x 60 inches x 30 inches when assembled. When you put it in storage, it will take space measurements of 60 inches x 22 inches x 63 inches and weighs 155 pounds. The table top has 15mm of charcoal painted MDF surface, and it has undercarriage of 30mm x 30mm and also powder-coated. The table comes with the net set and four ball holders by Joola. The ball holders can hold 3 balls of 40mm at once and also has two magnetic abacus score keepers. This is two piece table, and both of the pieces can also be used separately. You can use one piece to play solo playback mode when you can’t find any friends to play with. It also comes with adjustable leg levelers. It has lockable wheels which make it portable, and it also has double anti-tilting device.

  1. 5 inches Indoor and outdoor folding ping-pong or table tennis table by Aosom

Now you can play your favorite ping pong indoors as well as outdoors with this ping pong table. Its measurements of the playing surface are 5 by 2.5 feet, and the table top is 12mm thick medium density fireboard (MDF). The MDF table top will give you tournament quality game play with a nice and easy bounce. The table has powder coated steel legs which provide stable support to the table so you can get the best of game play. You can carry the table from either side because it has grips on both sides. You can play the table to both ways with two players or even in a solo playback position even without any partner. The table set comes with a net, post, and pair of paddles also 3 balls. You can fold the table and place it in the small storage place as it is a space saver.


These are the best ping pong tables available in the market right now. You can have any of these tables, but you should keep it in mind that the choice is yours. You can read a thousand of reviews, but you really know what is best for you. When you go to purchase a table, you should always keep in mind your space available for placement of table. Other things which are essential while purchasing the table were listed above. Always think and list a number of important needs which you have before purchasing a table like who is going to use your table. It is also necessary to think if you are going to need it in your home or competition.

Also keep your schedule in mind that if you are going to need this table on the daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You might need it when you are on vacation, so you do not have to buy a very expensive table for such short term usage.  Try to find a table with warranty because most of the tables wear out soon leaving you disappointed. Ping pong tables can be used for years if you take care of them properly and save it from damage. If your table is weatherproof, you do not have to worry much, however, precautions should always be taken. Ping pong table for kids are sold separately you should be careful while choosing the table because kids’ table will be different than the adults’ ping pong table.

The other thing to keep in mind is if you want to have the table for recreational purposes or professional practice. Both of these approaches serve a different purpose because professional ping pong tables are sold separately. Professional table tennis tables also need you to have expertise in the field of table tennis. While ping pong tables used for recreational purposes do not require any expertise. Portability will be another important factor in your “guide to buying new ping pong table”. You can’t deny the fact that you are going to move the table in and out so buy a portable table.

Keep all of these things and the above list in mind and enjoy the best quality ping pong or table tennis in your home.

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