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Best Gaming Desks for PC & Console Gaming Enthusiasts in 2017

Best Gaming Desks for PC & Console Gaming Enthusiasts in 2017

Best Gaming Desk | PC & Console Gaming Desk Buying Guide

The majority of the teenagers have a gaming addiction these days, so much so that they organize their entire room around their gaming unit. The best gaming desk is a must to complete their look. Depending on the size of our gaming unit, your gaming desk varies as well. You have to spend a lot of time in from your desktop. Therefore, it is extremely important that your gaming desk is comfortable enough that you don’t get yourself tired or a hunchback. It should be of appropriate size so that you’re facing your desktop at the perfect angle.

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Your desktop should be perfectly aligned with your eyes, and your back should be straight making a 90-degree angle with the best gaming chair all the time. Size is another important factor to be considered during the hunt for a pc gaming desk. It should be easily adjustable in your room and at the same time should have room for all your gaming components. It should also provide proper leg space for stretching your legs.

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Buying the best gaming desk is not an easy task, you have to keep in mind so many factors when you go out in the market. From style to ergonomics to functionality and more every pc gaming desk has something different to offer. In different price ranges you will get different quality and performance, and sometimes you will have to compromise on one factor to enjoy the other.  But what exactly is your need, this is something we will figure out in this article. We are going to share some of the most important features a gaming desk should have that can make your gaming experience much more efficient and comfortable.

Chapter 1. Best Gaming Desk Reviews | Top 5 PC Gaming Desks


1 – Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Standing Desk by ApexDesk:

This gaming desk by ApexDesk is made for comfortable gaming for all avid gamers out there, with its amazing height adjustability feature the desk is customizable to your needs of the moment and can be adjusted from 29 to 48 inches in 1.3 seconds. The desk is very stable due to its one piece fixed steel beam meaning you don’t have to worry about it collapsing under your monster PC or another awesome gaming setup. It has an MDF core and scratch-resistant high-pressure laminate to ensure that it is long-lasting. The screw-less levers make it easy to assemble and game right away.

2 – Ultimate Gamer Desk for Pro-gamers by Atlantic:

Made for ultimate gamers this desk comes with a TV stand to support a 40 lb flat screen. You have a lot of space for all your stuff like your laptop, headphones, speakers, and controllers. There is a back shelf that can be used for storage for all kinds of portable devices and maybe your games as well. A wire storage drawer is also available for your stuff. The sturdy desk also has a power strip and a charging station which means no getting up every few minutes to charge your gadgets. Leveling feet are adjustable so all in all it’s a great desk.

3 – Adjustable Arena Gaming Desk by Arozzi

Designed by a Swedish team in collaboration with some actual gamers, this desk guarantees, comfort while you have fun gaming away. The desk is available in 5 colors and can fit the theme of your gaming suite. It has a range of features, which help you keep your gaming setup organized and clean, lots of space for mouse and keyboard are available along with a great cable management system, it has three cut-outs for keeping your cables in their place giving a neat and clean look. You can adjust the height and stabilize the feet according to your preference. It also comes with a water-resistant mouse pad.

4 – PC Gaming Desk with Wireless Glowing LED by E-Blue USA

This glowing desk gives comfort while giving a nice look. It makes sure that you are the right distance away from your screen, which means no strain on the eyes during your frequent gaming sessions, the desktop is extended to provide great arm and hand support. The desk provides l-shaped feet bar to let you have a relaxed gaming time. The built-in glowing lights system and the spaceship craft concept will transform even an ordinary room into an awesome gaming den. The desk has a side switch to let you control, the LED’s brightness and to get more features like adjustable breathing mode and intense competition mode.

5 – RDE-01 PC Desk by Origami

Like the name itself, this computer desk provides ease of opening and folding. You can set it up in less than 40 seconds, and it has a two-part construction the folding aspect and it’s lightweight and removable tabletop makes it perfect if you want to change your surroundings in your routine, pack it up, or move it to another room quickly forming a gaming setup wherever you want. It is quite spacious as well, offering 7sq feet of area, which can e used for all your gadgets.

6 – Soreno Corner Desk in 3-Piece by Walker Edison

This three-piece corner desk with its clean lines and simple design gives a minimalist vibe that can suit any modern interior. Two 21-inch desktops and one circular desktop join to provide you with quite a lot of space for your gaming PC and other things. The beveled safety glass is tempered, and the steel structure is powder coated to ensure durability. It comes with a CPU stand and sliding keyboard holder that can be added or removed according to preference, and that too on whichever side of the desk you like.

7- Belaire L-Shaped Glass PC Gaming Desk BY Z-Line Designs

This roomy desk has a nice solid construction and a modern look along with plenty of workspace. The sleek L-shaped desk with a beautiful glass surface is perfect for your gaming corner. The sturdy metal desk has a nice powder coated finish and tempered glass. It also comes with a display shelf and a sliding keyboard tray. The surface is enough to hold your gaming equipment while leaving out space for your other stationary or paperwork. You have to assemble it at home, but the assembly is quite easy.

8 – 69-inch Symmetrical Modern L-Shaped Gaming Station with Glass top by HomCom

This gaming desk with its smoked glass, sleek look, and high function design make it ideal for your gaming room. The L-shaped design incorporates space-saving features with its symmetrical desks, sliding keyboard tray and CPU section, it can fit in any size room. The steel frame is firm and sturdy to support you in your long hours of gaming, and it has a nice powder coated. The smoked glass makes it lightweight while giving an edgy look.

9 – Glass Corner PC Desk Hip Black by Techni Mobile

This L-shaped desk will fit right in the corner of your room to hold your gaming setup, the desk is left or right interchangeable and has an 8mm tempered glass surface, the beautiful curved steel design is powder coated, so no worry about scratching it. The desk has a keyboard tray which has a safety top and can hold an impressive 33 pounds, and the desk panels can hold up to 110 pounds of your range of gaming equipment, the sturdy desk has a 5-year warranty.

10 – Corner Hampton Gaming Workstation by Bestar

This corner desk is a great gaming workstation, especially for those that have a specific look for their room in mind. It is quite heavy and sturdy and has an elevated center with three storage slots underneath to keep all your knick knacks in. It also has a large surface area and the quality is very impressive, and the color scheme and design are bound to get you compliments from your fellow gamers.

11 – L-Shape Corner Computer/PC Wood Desk by Best Choice Products

This desk provides fits in a corner providing lots of space without cluttering it up. The desk with its wooden finish and clean, simple design offer a classy yet modern look. The stylish desk can support a number of heavy things on its top and has another platform underneath for your CPU. There’s also a sliding drawer that can hold your stuff. I t has a convenient design to fit all your needs and a lovely look. You can use this space for a lot of your stuff, as the desk is designed very intelligently with for maximum space utilization in the most effective way.

Section 1. Gaming Desks | A Detailed Buying Guide

Every gaming desk is unique in some way and is appropriate for a certain type and size of the gaming unit. Following are the key factors on which you should score your gaming desk before making a purchase:


The amount of space you require by your gaming desk depends on how thin bezel monitors you are using, what size is your processing unit and how many accessories you are going to attach to it. A good gaming desk should not only accommodate your entire gaming unit but should also do so in the least messy away. It should have holes for wires, and the portions should be split in a way that everything should be placed and connected as neatly as possible.

Weight Capacity

If you your gaming desktop has a lot of accessories attached to it and you need a longer gaming desk, then make sure that it has a greater weight capacity. Otherwise, it will collapse or get damaged. It should be able to withstand stress and deformation from the load.

Flexibility in design

The design of the gaming desk should be flexible enough to allow you your own customizations. Some people have this habit of changing their posture every few hours and the gaming desk should expand and contract according to the needs of the gamers. Whether sitting or standing you a perfect gaming desk will provide you the dimensions you need.


Instead of one large flat surface, it’s better to buy a gaming desk which comes with separate shelves and tiers to accommodate your gaming unit. Speaker trays, storage drawers, slide-out keyboard holder, monitor stands, and controller hooks are some of the layout options for you to choose from.

Multi-purpose desk

Everyone likes some this extra with what they are purchasing so why not buy a gaming desk that can do other things as well, like converting into a study desk during exams or storing your books and other important documents. It should transform itself according to your needs without creating chaos.

Shapes and Style

Shape and style of the gaming desk depend mostly on how much space you have in your room and where you want to place your gaming desk. There are three basic shapes of gaming desks among which you can make the selection.

  • L-Shape or Corner Desk

The biggest advantage of having an L-Shaped gaming desk is that it can be fitted in the very corner of your room and thus saves up a lot of space in your room. It has sections that accommodate all peripherals so that you can multitask. Furthermore, it provides enough leg space for you to relax and stretch your legs very once in a while. With an L-Shaped gaming desk, you get a better sound quality.

  • U-Shape Desk

These are a bit expensive than other styles of gaming desk and vastly used by people who prefers to dedicate a larger space in their room to their gaming units.  Their construction is also a tedious task.

  • Standard Shaped Desk

For simplicity you can always opt for a standard shape gaming desk. They are rectangular in shape and has an attached pull out desk for the keyboards. They are suitable for an average size gaming unit with limited accessories.


Quality, weight capacity sturdiness and a lot of other factors depend on the material used in the making of the gaming desks. They are usually made up of following types of materials.


Oak, Maple or Pine are mostly used to make elegant gaming desks. Maple and Oak produce higher quality desks while gaming desks made from pine are much cheaper and softer.


Their lower frame is made up of stainless steel, but tabletops and compartments are pure glass. They are more fragile than other desks and should not be used roughly. Stainless Steel

The surfaces of these desks are up of PVC, and their lower stand is made from stainless steel. They are light weight and thus easily portable. In durability they surpass others.


Gaming desks are an integral part of a good gaming experience and therefore should be bought while keeping in some key features like size, style, shape, material, layout, weight capacity and consumption of space. Go for the highly recommended gaming desks in the market which provide quality performance and affordability.

1) Gaming Desks |  An in-depth Setup Guide

Setting up a gaming desk is all about the technology you are using, the desk itself, the management of the cables and of course to please your aesthetic sense-a theme. Setting up the desk can range from a simplistic desk which would cause the minimal amount to something extravagant and luxurious. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend on it. Another thing that matters is the system you are using and how much space you want to allocate to your gaming desk.

All of these variables make setting up a gaming desk a very vast topic with many variables, but some of tips and tricks are common to any gaming desk to make it look perfect. Here, we discuss how to setup a desk in easy steps:

Step 1- Know your requirements:

The PC or the laptop you would be using for gaming is very important when you are setting up a gaming desk. Before you set up one, you should know your requirements like how much you will be spending on your hardware and how much space is available for you what spot is available to make it look aesthetically pleasing. You should be knowing your requirements before you start hunting for a perfect desk for you.

Step 2-Begin the hunt:

Now that you have a general idea of what kind of desk you are looking for you can start searching for a perfect desk for you. You can search online where you can actually choose legs and tops of the table separately to suit your need. Make sure that you have searched the market enough to hunt for something which suits your requirements, aesthetic sense and the space available.

Step 3-Explore your fashion sense during the hunt:

If you are going to be buying hardware or just the desk remember to keep it fashionable so that it appeals to you. To keep it fashionable, go with not more than two colors. Mostly, people use black and white but any color is fine unless you don’t go crazy with colors. Also, keeping the LEDs in the processor is fine so that you can show off your work of art, but just make sure that it compliments your rest of the color scheme.

Step 4- Choose the peripherals wisely:

If you are buying new peripherals for your gaming setup, it is very important that you buy them from the same brand so that they compliment each other. If not possible, at least try finding peripherals which compliment each other and your theme.

You may want to choose headsets over speaker if you are lacking space. If your decision is in the favor of headsets, you should buy headsets that provide you the suitable audio depth. You should also be looking for something with good ear cushioning since you will be using those a lot and the last tip would be that it would be an extra perk if the headsets have a noise cancellation microphone.

Step 5-Keep it symmetrical:

Once you have bought the desk and the hardware all, there is left to do is to make it as appealing as possible to the human eye. For this purpose, when placing hardware on the desk keep it symmetrical. You can achieve this by the following ways:

1: If you have one monitor and a processor place them on the ends of the table while keeping an equal distance from the ends.

2: If you have two monitors and they are of equal size keep them together but if they are of different size keep them apart.

3: The same symmetry goes for the speaker, if you have any if they are two and equal sizes you can place them on each side with equal distance from the ends.

All in all, when placing the hardware on the desk, remember to maintain the symmetry


Step 6- Keep it aligned to your seating position:

The most important part of setting up a gaming desk is to keep it aligned to your seating position. Your main monitor should be at your eye level for this, and you may have to adjust your seat to your desk and your height.  Another alignment you should do is to keep the direction of the speakers to the air. If not, it will ruin the sound quality, and you will not be able to enjoy the quality of your speakers. The final alignment you should keep in mind is to keep your processor close as it can be a hassle if you frequently have a crash in your PC.

Step 7- Increase your workspace:

While setting up a gaming desk, you will find that in regards of workspace more is always less. That is why to increase your workspace you can have drawers and shelves so that the top is clean and you are able to work freely on that. To make the desk more appealing, you can also add shelves where you can put your personal items so that it feels homelier.

Step 8-The personal touch to your workspace:

The previous step and the talk of adding a personal touch bring us to this step where we will be discussing the personal touch we all crave in our workspace. For this, explore your creativity and add something to your desk which screams you. A particularly good idea for doing this is the addition of lighting. You can add various sorts of lighting around your workspace according to your taste. Some of the lighting you will find on the market can also change color so that you can adjust it whatever you are watching or the mood you are in. Another idea would be to buy small figures or cushions which may interest you and add it to your workspace. All you have to do in this step is just being you while putting some effort in the decoration of your workspace.

Step 9- Make those cables invisible:

A very important step to setting up a gaming desk is to make the cables invisible. Firstly, and fore mostly the cables should be neatly arranged if they are not, the gaming desk would look like a mess and will cause a hindrance to your efficiency. Secondly, the cables should be invisible. The cables should not be left to be seen to a human eye. For this, desks designed specifically for this purpose are available, or you can build a desk which serves the purpose but if you are unable to do either of those under no circumstances the cables should be visible. Then, what can you do to avoid that? You can be creative with privacy boards and blinds hanging from the table to hide those cables. Making the cables ‘invisible’ you can have a setup which is not only, pleasing to the human eye, but also, increases your efficiency.

By following these easy steps, you can have clean, most efficient gaming desk to fulfill your needs which also be appealing to you.

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