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Best Gaming Chairs in 2017 for Hardcore Gaming Geeks Guide

Best Gaming Chairs in 2017 for Hardcore Gaming Geeks Guide

Best Gaming Chairs 2017

Gaming addiction is quite common among adults these days. It’s not only a good time pass but is also a source of stress relief and anxiety after a long tiresome day at work. Gaming also makes your mind sharp and helps you make difficult decisions in a jiffy. But to fully enjoy these benefits of gaming you have to maintain the right posture while sitting in front of your PC so that it doesn’t affect your health or cause any back pain. Your couches, dining seats or sofas are not designed for this purpose and here’s where you want to buy the best gaming chair available in the market. What you need is a firmer support for your back and neck while maintaining a perfect angle with the PC if you want to spend endless hours on gaming.

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The market is full of different types of gaming chairs and often leaves you confused with which one to buy from the lot. There are certain factors which will determine what to buy and what not to buy. A perfect gaming chair should provide maximum comfort, fit nicely in your room, should be durable enough to last longer, should have stability in it, should have a flexible design to provide multiple inclination angles according to your needs and most importantly it should be cost effective. Each gaming chair is designed to a serve a specific purpose depending on the type of game being played.

For your convenience, we have narrowed down top 10 gaming chairs in the market along with their features to help you decide which one suits you the best.

DXRacer DOH/FH11/NR Formula Series Gaming Chair with Pillows (Black/Red):

This chair is made with the user’s comfort as number one priority. As fun as gaming is it can get quite tiring if you spend hours and hours hunched in front of your computer screen in a hard, uncomfortable chair. To make sure this doesn’t happen, the chair has an ergonomic design which means it is efficiently designed and will be very comfortable. It comes with a headrest cushion and a lumbar cushion, this along with a patent race car seat breathable material is bound to heighten your gaming experience.

The backrest is very high, this gives you extra support and keeps your neck and spine happy, you can adjust the back according to your convenience. The soft armrests can be adjusted as well and will cushion your shoulders, arms, and wrists. The seat has top quality and latest footrests that have a tilt mechanism. All in all, the chair is an epitome of comfort. And on top of all of this, it looks amazing as well with its inlaid color bar base, the beautiful red and black combination is bound to give your gaming room an oomph, it is the kind of gaming chair that gives a very luxurious feel.

SPACE Seating Professional Padded Eco Leather Seat in Black with Air Grid Dark Back Gaming Chair

This chair is simple yet features a functional design that will bring you comfort and will definitely make you fall in love with it. The chair offers a number of ergonomic adjustments like a one touch Pneumatic height adjustability feature, an amazing 2 in one synchronic tilt control, an adjustable tilt tension and angled arms with height adjustability. So you can play around with it to make it perfect for what you are in the mood for.

The air grid back has the built-in lumbar support that conforms to your body to give you support during your frequent hours of gaming. The arms have soft PU pads, and the chair has heavy-duty nylon base with dual oversized dual wheel carpet casters. The cherry on the top is the fact that this great Chair is Green Guard certified because it has low chemical emissions and will promote good indoor air quality in your gaming den. So not only do you have an amazing chair for your hours of gaming but you get to be environmentally friendly as well. The chair does require assembly, but it is very easy since most users could assemble it in less than 20 minutes.

5142201 Commander Gaming Chair with 2.1 Audio by X Rocker

Do you want to fully immerse yourself in your game audio to get that full extremely real gaming experience? Well, then this is the chair for you. This chair brings you to the world of interactive audio the chair can play audio from any source with headsets or using RCA outputs. The audio quality is superb, and you will feel submerged in the game thanks to its two speakers and a subwoofer that use a 2.1 AFM technology. Not only is the chair amazing for its audio features but along with these features it also is superb when it comes to comfort, the chair has an elevated seating position, and its arms and pedestal possess tilt and swivel capabilities.

No one likes a sticky, hot chair back when they have gamed for hours in summers; the chair solves this problem with its great quality polyester seating surface that stays cool even after you have been gaming for hours, so no beads of sweat just when you have gotten into your game. In addition to that, the polyester seating is very attractive as well and has an edgy, cool feel to it. Attention to detail has been given which is evident from the fact that the subwoofers and speakers are hidden in the headrest, so it looks nice.

Ace Bayou X-Pedestal Audio Gamer Chair:

The biggest motto behind this chair is to offer a magnificent media experience, the amazing sound quality of this chair with just the right boom will make you feel like you are actually in the game. This swivel pedestal audio chair with its amazing sound system consisting of 2 speakers and a subwoofer is bound to deliver a great gaming experience, and it can easily connect to your Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and more with a 3-volt DC transmitter.

The chair is durable and sturdy with its hardwood frame that is padded with fire-retardant foam which is covered with upholstery grade vinyl. The chair has brushed aluminum armrests and base. It can easily accommodate a weight of 250 pounds and requires a purchase of 2 triple A battery for the transmitter. The chair is a good size and measures 32 by 23 by 38 inches and weighs 45 pounds. Set it up in your gaming room and not only will the room look nice, but it will also be the kind of gaming chair that will make it harder for you to leave you game setup, because of its comfort and sound qualities.

51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Wireless Gaming Chair by X Rocker

This chair will enhance your gaming experience to a very high degree. To an extent where it can even connect to multiple chairs for group gaming to give the best possible gaming experience. It comes with two speakers and a subwoofer which employ the usage of 2.1 AFM technology which will make you feel like you are immersed in a beautiful sea of sounds. Another cool thing is the fact that it has a Built-in radio wireless receiver and a wireless transmitter that can work with any source of RCA stereo outputs. The ergonomic design enables you to customize it to your preference. The thick gunstock arms and pedestal are provided with tilt and swivel capabilities to make you as comfortable as possible while you are gaming with your friends or alone.

With this chair, you will feel like you are a part of the excitement that the game has to offer. The chair base goes up a little, and you can tilt and swivel which anyone would love. The thick, stocky arms not only provide support but give an amazing look as well the overall look of the chair has a lovely comfy vibe.

Triple Flip 0717901 2.1 Ottoman Sound Chair with Arms and storage by X Rocker

With this awesome gaming chair, you can not only hear the sound effects and music in the game, but you can actually feel them as well, which gives a whole new dimension to interactive gaming and will transform your gaming experience to be even better than it already is. Your gaming marathons are about to get so much better thanks to its two speakers, a subwoofer with an AFM technology and 2.1 sound immersion experience. The chair works with any RCA source outputs.  All of this make the chair great for video games.

Another added benefit is the fact that the chair has storage under the seat, so not only will you have an amazing gaming experience but you will also be able to store all your knick knacks like your hands-free, gaming headsets here cutting all the clutter. Perhaps one of the biggest attributes of the chair is the fact that it is so comfortable, you will feel like you are comfortably having a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life when you are in this chair. You can even fold the seat down to give you a nice footrest.

Racer Edition Gaming Chair by MotoRacer with Padded Armrest

This beautiful chair is here to make you comfortable for your long hours of gaming. It will lay all your worries to rest thanks to the comfort it offers, with it’s supportive back and the deep thick padding on the seat, the nice comfy cushions, the chunky armrest and the fact that the height can be adjusted due to a pneumatic gas piston. The chair is durable and sturdy with its PU leather and can bear a weight of 330 pounds. But even with that strength, it is quite lightweight, and you can easily move it around. It also has five twin wheel nylon casters with a lovely butterfly mechanism.

The chair is a beauty, and comes in a range of colors to suit your room, the design in inspired by a race car and is quite modern, will make you feel like you are at a nice, expensive luxury race car while you are gaming away. The chair has a one-year warranty and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase that you are bound to love and keep forever due to it’s awesome, very strong construction.

Executive Racing Style Gaming Chair with Bucket Seat by Furmax

This chair has a beautiful design and has all that you need in your own gaming chair. The chair has a nice high back to provide maximum support and to ensure you have tireless hours of gaming. The bucket sir with its deep padding and padded removable armrests make you as comfortable as possible. The chair has a 5-star base with 360-degree swivel wheels that run very smoothly on all kinds of floors. So have fun swiveling around.

The chair can support a weight of 330 pounds and is very sturdy. It can be rocked back and forth, so it is quite a fun chair for all you gaming binges. The design is based on a racing car, and the colors are vibrant and durable to give you a beautiful chair that will go right with the feel of your gaming room and will provide comfort with features like height adjustability and comfy padding. So this chair is what every gaming enthusiast needs.

Ergonomic Reclining Chair with High Back in Blue and Black by Merax

This chair is Ergonomically designed to give you maximum comfort, long hours of gaming can be quite strenuous for your back and other muscles, thanks to the high back and nice padding and its ergonomic features this is a problem you don’t have to worry about anymore. The chair has 360 degrees’ swivel feature. It is also height adjustable, provides a headrest for head support, has a nice smooth rocker mechanism a tilt function and 90-150-degree angle adjuster. So you can imagine how much you can customize it to give you maximum support and comfort and how much it will ensure that your muscles are relaxed while you game.

The stability that this chair offers is unmatched for. the curved armrests have a soft deep pad for your wrists and arms to be comfy. The chair is made out of a high-quality synthetic material in a black, and blue color that looks amazing, the arches of the chair, the overall design of the chair and the vibrant, vivid colors make for a very good looking chair. And for those of you who like their things to look stylish and modern, the chair will be perfect as it has exactly that look.

OH/RV118/NBW/ZERO Ergonomic, High Quality Computer Gaming Chair DXRacer

This is a very high-quality ergonomic chair, and the ergonomic features are here to offer maximum support, comfort and a great gaming experience. The chair has the largest seat in DXRacer history so you can just imagine how comfy it is. The large seat will help you snuggle, and game and will make it feel like a bed. Another added factor is the chunky, thick lumbar cushions and the amazing headrest, designed very intelligently in the chair to offer maximum comfort and support. The chair has a patent Race car seat design and a very high backrest which will make your spine and neck very happy thanks to the support it offers.

It comes with two gas cylinders, and these can be changed any time you want. The chair has a beautiful look and is made of nice blue white and black colors, to give a modern, sporty look, inspired by actual race-cars, which will make your home feel like a racing track and will make you involved in the game. So get this chair for maximum comfort and support while gaming, it has had very positive feedback and a very high rating on Amazon.


Choosing a gaming chair can be difficult while some may consider it a simple decision and are more concerned with the gaming equipment. The importance of a gaming chair cannot be emphasized enough as your hours spent in front of your screens can tire your body down, so you need to get a chair that helps avoid that. You need something that provides maximum support and comfort. Other than that you also need something that enhances your gaming experience and these days’ chairs can do that thanks to their audio features.

So whether it is the comfort and support you are after or an even better gaming experience, we have discussed a number of chairs that will get you the maximum comfort thanks to their padded arms, high backs and a range of ergonomic features. These are the chairs that will also offer an amazing gaming experience as these are chairs with subwoofers and speakers, concealed to give a nice look. We hope that out of the ten chairs discussed you find one that ticks all your boxes, comfort, gaming experience and the look. Browse around and get one that you are perfectly satisfied with and we ensure that any of these chairs will not disappoint you at all. So go on making your purchase as these are quality products with amazing feedback and a range of amazing features.

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