Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Hands

Hi, I’m Melissa Powell with Free Pokies NZ. And right now we’re going to be going over the basics of Texas Holdem. Texas Holdem poker deals with a typical 52 card deck. And its a gambling game as I’m sure you know.

And it can be from two to ten players. So in our examples today, we’ll have five players doing the game. So we’re going to start with the dealer button. This is the position of power, and we’ll go over all the details as to why it is later.

But the dealer will always start with first, going over who gets the dealer button. So if I have five players, I deal five cards face up to my five players to determine who gets the button. The highest value card, the Jack in this case, will be the dealer button. I continue on the two to the right of the dealer, the players left, are what are called the big and small blinds. Now it?s important to note that in each hand, there will be forced bets. These two players will be the forced bets in the hand.

As we continue in every single hand the button will move. And accordingly, the players to their left will have to be the forced blinds. Let?s make it in this case one and two. So this will be the small blind.

And this will be the big blind. You have one coin here, and two chips here. So that would be the equivalent of the big and small blind. Continuing on, we start the shuffling of the game. I would deal two cards to each player.

Each player has two cards. Everyone looks at their cards and determines what they have. We continue on without looking at their cards and getting specifically into what a fold and all of those things are, we’ll just go strait to the flop, the turn and the river. As the dealer, let?s say that everybody has made a bet. They’ve all agreed to put in two chips.

And that’s called, everyone around has made the same bet. They’ve all checked. As the dealer I tap the table. Pick up all the chips. And now we’re ready to continue.

I burn the first card. That’s just to ensure there’s no cheating, nothings going on. There’s no funny business. I put that under the chips, and I deal the first three cards face down.

Bets and Aces

You don’t need to take a test to play higher limits, you just need to bring cash. I win a couple pots, I get a beat or two laid on me and just get ready for the next hand and he’s like whispering in my ear “Why did he call with that crap on the flop? This is 20-40 for Christ’s sake!”

Turn 3h ….
and the kid looks away immediately from the board immediately and looks at his chips. I give him a quick look and bet into him, he thinks, he raises. I’m 99% sure he has the flush from the way he’s reacting and they way he was forcefully betting the flop (he liked to pump draws) so I decide I’m only gonna get 4 bet if he has the flush and I have 10 outs to crack him. Sooooo, I call.

River Ad
I check, he bets, I check raise. He takes off his hat AND glasses this time and stares me down. He asks “You have Aces full?”

“I swear on my mother I don’t have Aces full.”
He three bets, I four bet.

“I thought you said you didn’t have aces full?”

“That’s correct, I don’t. I have a flush.”

He five bets, I 6 bet and he has only a couple bets left and he 7 bets, and I put him all in.

He flops over KQh and raises his arms in the air, I immediately flip over the 99 for the 9’s full and snatch the pot right out from under him.

He looks at me, hangs his head low and walks away without a sound. I silently stack the chips and within 10 minutes get called for my 20-40 seat.

I sit 20-40 and don’t think much about him and completely forget the 2-4 table when the “kid” walks up to me about 1.5 hours later and I’m up a few hundred and He says “Okay maybe I am afraid of Mr 20-40 now.” He wasn’t being a smart ass he was legitimately feeling completely owned.

I turn to him and the waitress was there I say what do you want to drink? He orders a beer and I order a corona and we have some chit chat. I offer to let him sit behind me and sweat my hands and watch how I play and talk to him about the finer points of what not to do to players at the table.

Staring at Poker

Kid donk bets me. this time a couple people actually fold, 2 people call, and I say “Raise” and stack 8 whites in the pot. Now, the kid double takes. He looks at me, and takes off his glass to “stare into my soul” I turn away and start chatting to the lady next to me for some casual chit chat. I turn back like 20 seconds later when I didn’t hear any further action and he’s still “staring me down”. At this point I say to him, “Look, you don’t really need to stare into my soul for a 4 dollar raise in a pot this size kid.” He continues to mumble to himself and stare me down looking for a “tell”. We are now going on a minute and now even the people at the table are getting on his case. He looks at me one more time and I finally get a reaction from him. I blew him a kiss.

About a round goes by and I pretty much fold my complete garbage limp along a couple times and whiff flops and toss my no pair no draw hands when the following hand comes up.

Flop: 8s 6h 4h (top pair nut flush draw in position can it get better?)
Yep it sure can. Kid leads into the field, everyone calls, I raise for value, Kid calls (and gives a groan) aaaaaaannnnnnnd surprise surprise, everyone calls.

Well that did it, he three bets. :

Only 1 caller back to me and I cap. He calls, other player calls.

River bricks and he checks, other player checks, I bet, kid check raises me, other player folds, I three bet, he grumbles and calls.

“Just the nuts”. He throws his hand at the dealer and mucks and the dealer pushes me the pot. He mumbles something off hand and then comes out with “I’m not afraid of Mr 20-40 you lucky fish.”

“Wow, that was such an original comment, you mind if I use that one sometime?” He gets quiet and we play on. He’s down to around 40 bucks though and he’s tilting major. Then the death blow falls.

I pickup 99 and raise 2 limper’s, and the kid three bets. lots of folds this time as they see round 2 brewing only 1 limper calls, and I just call.

Flop comes Ah 9h 2s
Limper checks, I bet, kid raises, limper folds and now we are HU. I three bet, he four bets, I call with the intention of donk betting the turn and three betting.

The Expertise Factor

The page that appears before you is about to cover the basics of the perplexity of seven card stud poker strategy and so even those of our readers who aren`t educated about the seven card stud poker strategy topic can take pleasure in it plus find out new things about the topic. 7 cards stud poker considered popular and extensively accepted card game. Unlike the majority of casino card games, it is a game in which players play in opposition to one another, not against the house. What makes 7stud poker game and players that play it way at a distance from other casino games are the factors of expertise and psychology, which are necessary for high-quality poker players at casino pokeronline. It is significant to understand how to make decisions at sevenstud pokergames. During on line pokergames site, winning in 7stud poker isn`t gained by imitation; rather, it`s done through realizing the intricacies in the game.

In case you consider you have acquired lots on this riveting issue by now remember, we are merely halfway through the seven card stud poker strategy publication!

The most valuable clues within 7stud pokergame revolve around gambling pace. The easiest ones to recognize are the “dramatic pause” tells. A lasting pause previous to a wager commonly means the onlinepoker website competitor is powerful, and also needs you to reason he is weak. An extended silence coming ahead of a test commonly means a poor hand. This gambler either needs you to check so he can obtain a gratis card, or needs you to think he has a potent enough deal to “think” of gambling. You will rarely be check-raised by a player who took a extended time to check, it is not an usual gambling pattern. While check-raising many players wish everything to look as usual as possible to help ascertain you should contribute a wager earlier than they close the trap. Whenever you really get a check-raise by a gambler who rested for long time previous to the first check, be really alert.You should arrive at the casino onlinepoker game with a clear view, be observant plus involved. If you have an annoyance, or are burdened because of troubles, you are at the lower hand so must not gamble. Take notice, for example, how seven cardstud players put their chips into the pile – are they throwing them violently or do they lay them slowly? All these little details form a picture.

Bet on Tennis

Outright betting including Field
Prior to the draw taking place for any tournament, all in compete or not. Non-runner no bet after the draw has been made. Each-way terms will be displayed on the website.

All participants in a given tournament will be priced to win the tournament outright. Details are displayed under the competition title.

May sometimes be available. The price for ‘The Field’ includes all players not quoted in this market, and bets are accepted win only. Prior to the draw taking place for any tournament, all in compete or not. Non-runner no bet after the draw has been made.

Match betting
In the event of a match starting but not being completed, provided that at least one set has been completed, the player who progresses to the next round will be deemed the winner. If less than one set is completed, all match bets will be void, unless after the start of a match, a player is disqualified, in which case the player progressing to the next round will be deemed the winner.

To win the match – players paired together in a match are each priced to win.

How to bet on Tennis

Money line

A. Roddick


A. Agassi


Match-up bets:
Match-ups are money line bets. When betting a money line, you are betting that the player will win straight up in order to win your bet. Betting on A. Roddick -160 means you must risk $160 to win $100. It does not matter when or how Roddick wins, just that he is the official winner. Betting on A. Agassi +140, you stake $100 to win $140. Again, in this case, it does not matter when or how A. Agassi wins, just that he is the official winner.

All matches will be considered official after the very first serve of the very first set.

Future Wager
Future wagers, such as; to win any championship or any division, are graded as soon as the season or tournament is over. You may wager on a player to win a tournament at fixed odds. Tournament wagers are considered “All-In.” In the event of the player not playing in the tournament wagers on the player will be deemed losers, unless otherwise specified.

In the event of the following circumstances taking place all bets will stand:

» A change of playing surface
» A change of venue
» A change from indoor court to outdoor court or vice versa.

Note: In tennis wagers, an event will still have action as long as the event is played within a week from the original schedule date or is played on the same tournament.

A Low Limit Player

This is a true story from my live play experiences and though I probably was a baddie as well, at least I was funny.

I stroll into the Borgata poker room see a few people I know, say hello and roll up to the check in.

“Bunky for the 20-40 Hold’em”

The girl informs me that there is a list thats 8 deep. Ok, fine. I see the shift manager Sal and say hello and ask if there are any open seats at any limits while I wait. Sal points out a couple open seats on the 2-4 tables. I ask him to lock one up while I go to the cage to get chips.

I buy my 2 racks of red ($1000) for the 20-40 and I buy 60 white just to donk around at the 2-4. I go back to the table and sit down and then entire table looks at the 2 stacks of red and their jaws drop.

The older man across the table says “Got an awful lot of chips there son, you sure you have enough” he said with a wink.

“Hell, ladies and gentlemen, they way I play I may need to reload!” I winked back and sat down. I explained calmly that I was indeed waiting for a seat to the 20-40 and just wanted to sit down and have fun. They all nodded and agreed except for the “kid” in the 10 seat with a ball cap and sunglasses who let out a little “hmmph”. This same kid is the typical table coach 2-4 “pro” that seems to be a recurring nightmare at the tables. He berates players with the “How can you call on the flop with that?” crap. I paid him little mind and sat back for some nice donktastic low limit shenanigans.

Its a very loose passive table averaging 7-8 to the flop no raise and 5-6 with a raise. I’m in the CO and I have Ah 8h and there are 4 limper’s to me. I raise. Button folds (which was my intention) kid in the SB semi cold calls, BB calls, 4 people splash chips in the pot from the next table, 3 more calls, and western union drops in some money from a wire transfer, and rest call back to me. In other words, theres a shitload of white chips in the pot and its destined to get bigger.